First Day Updates

STEM Parents and Families

First let me thank you for a wonderful first day!  Your students were exceptional!.  I apologize for the long wait this afternoon during dismissal & hope you know that we are working to streamline the process as much as possible going forward.  The following plans should help with our dismissal time:

  1. Please make sure your child’s name & grade are clearly visible on the car visor.  Blue sheets were sent home at Open House, but if you need one let us know and we will send one home.

  1. If you have a child in grades 4-8 (with no younger siblings) you will pick them up in the back lot where the ball fields are located.  Please enter down this road rather than the front and follow the circular drive around.  The assistants in the back will call for your child.

  1. Students in grades K-3 will pick up from the front.  Any older siblings should join them in the main hallway so that they can exit together.  (THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE FIRST DAY) If you have children in multiple grades they should exit together from the car rider line in the front of the school.

  1. There will be stops in which students will be waiting and you will be asked to pull up to the appropriate cone to get your student.  In an effort to ensure all children are safe, please consider leaving the right hand side of the back seat free for your student to climb in to avoid opening a door into traffic.

  1. There will be 4 lanes in which parents can pull into as directed by staff members at pickup.  Once one lane is empty, another will be filled in an effort to keep traffic off the highway.  

Please continue to be patient with us as we work through our very large car rider population in such a small space. We will continue to monitor and adjust the dismissal process until it is flowing smoothly and learn children and cars


The school building does not open until 7:45 am

Students can eat breakfast from 8:00 to 8:20 in the cafeteria.  After eating K-2 should remain in the cafeteria, 3-5 should go to the discovery zone & 6-8 may wait in the middle school lounge area until the bell rings at 8:20 a.m.  There should be no children in the hallways outside of their classroom.

Shirt order forms will come home with your child Tuesday, 8/29 and can be returned with payment to their teacher the following day.  A representative, however will be on campus each morning during drop off for the remainder of the week.  You may send it in with your child and a teacher will submit forms to the rep each morning.  These are just for the uniform shirts additional spiritwear will be available once shirts have been ordered. All forms turned in by Friday, 9/1 will have shirts back in time for the first uniform day on 9/8. If for any reason we encounter a glitch with orders we will adjust accordingly.